What we do

We employ user insights to craft
better user experiences


It's a user-centered iterative design process

Usable Machine designs intuitive, effective, and appealing user experience designs, business applications, and work tools.

Good design is based on knowledge about the user as well as following design principles such as simplicity, clarity, and priority of content.

We always get to know the users before designing for them. We do this by including them in usability testing and other activities throughout the design process. This means gaining a deep understanding to be able to solve the users' problems.

Our Process

User Research

Before any design is made, we need to know the users. We start our process by meeting the users and learning about their thinking and behavior through user research. This can be interviews, workshops, user observations, or we might test the existing system to see how the current experience is.

User Analysis

Our research leads to the creation of personas, which is typical user types described as real people with personal motivation, goals, preferences, and skills. The processes are documented in key scenarios, which describe the typical behavior from the users perspective.

Interaction Design

When the knowledge about users and workflows is in place, we start generating ideas for the design. We do brainstorm sessions involving the product team and other stakeholders, where we try to come up with as many ideas as possible. The best ideas are identified and further explored, first in sketches and then in wireframes. We go through an iterative design process, with the wireframes turning into an interactive prototype with more and more detail.

Usability testing

We use the classic usability test method, also known as “think-aloud test”, where a user is asked to perform a series of tasks using the prototype without getting any help from the facilitator. The usability test is documented in a visual report, and it is then decided which parts of the design that needs to be reworked.

UI design

The UI design gives the website or app the right look and feel and combines a user-f and clarity with the company's brand identity. The final design is documented in detail, so the development team can start building it.

We are specialized in

Business software

We design tools, software, and apps for advanced domains with a focus on improved efficiency and user satisfaction

Content-rich websites

We transform the chaos of massive content into clean, meaningful, and easily accessible experiences for diverse user groups

New technologies

We design interfaces for robots and innovative new technologies, that hold the potential to change the future

Research and strategy

We use various user research methods to gain deep insights about users and products to solve problems and improve experiences

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