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Usable Machine designs intuitive, effective and appealing user experience designs business applications and work tools.

We believe good design is based on knowledge about the user as well as following design principles such as simplicity, clarity, and priority of content.

We make sure we know the users before designing for them and we include them in usability testing and other activities throughout the design process.


User Experience (UX) design


We design the user experience through an iterativ design proces, from idea to sketches of the prototype to the UI design. 
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Usability test


A usability test is the best way to find out if your application is user-friendly or not – and why problems occur. We help to clarify whether an app or website is user friendly.
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User research and Personasservices_personas

Do you know your users, how they think, behave and what they dream of? We help companies to get a clear image of their users, which helps creating a more user-friendly design.
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