User Research

Get deep insights about your users

Before any designing, we need to know the users to address the right challenges and make the right decisions. By meeting the users and learning about their thinking, behavior, and problems we create insights that lead to better design.

User research is a combination of various methods, for example:

In-depth interviews

We use open-ended qualitative interview techniques to get as much knowledge about the user as possible. In an interview, we can dig deep into certain area and problems and understand "the why" of a problem.

User observations

We observe the users in their own environment to see how they use the current tools and how their current experience is. We look for problems and opportunities for improved experiences.

Focus groups

In a focus group, we collect insights about a specific topic from a group of users. The participants can engage and discuss with each other. It is a great way to learn about a new area and to get an understanding of a certain target audience.


In a workshop, the participants engage and do various exercises. This makes it possible for us to analyze the pains which often results in conceptual ideas and products. This method helps generate ideas and new thoughts about an area and is most valuable if the participants are experts on the topic.


The user research can be used to create personas. A persona is a description of a typical user portrayed as a “real person” with name, age, interests, concerns, preferences, and personal attributes. Personas help you focus on the user during your design and development process, and are great tools for communicating about the target audience.

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