Usability test

The best way to identify usability issues and learn about user behavior

A usability test identifies issues regarding ease-of-use, learnability, visual appeal, and effectiveness.

It also gives valuable insights into how users think and behave, when they engage with your product. We strongly recommend this method for improving the usability and design of any website or app.

It works like this

First, we identify which features or designs we want to receive feedback on. Where do you think the usability issues are, and what would you like the users to focus on throughout the test? Usable Machine then creates a test guide where the user is asked to try out different areas of the application or prototype.

We invite 5-10 users from the target audience. The users are asked to think aloud while working in the prototype, and we ask them follow-up questions.

The results from the usability test are presented to the product team together with design suggestions that will fix the issues found in the test. Finally, the design will be modified to make sure the usability issues are fixed.

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