Research and strategy

Ask the user and get the strategy right

Making the right strategy based on real data from real users is essential for the success of your product

Getting the strategy right

Understanding your users before making your strategy is essential. "Empathy" has become a cliche in this context, but never the less it's important to gain empathy for your users and the core of design thinking. When you have a deep understanding of the users it's easier to make the right strategic decisions. As a solid research can show in which direction your products should grow.
Formulating strategies are always a fine balance between meeting the needs of the organization and prioritizing the users' need. Everything we do centers around the users, but we also have a strong focus on the business case, and how to make products grow to be successful.

Listen to the users

Every company experience that they lose track of their users. We live in a time where new products launch every day and the competition is though. Every product today are simple and user-friendly, so what makes the users chose one product over another? Our answer: Ask your users!
Asking your users in an interview or looking at the data of their behavior online can reveal unique insights about their needs or how they "Get the job done".
Often when starting a research process clients are afraid that to accommodate the users' needs' they need to make a complete redesign of the product. But, in most cases, the results show that we just need to tweak some of the key features, to meet the users' needs.

Combining research methods

We always combine different research methods to reveal the users' behavior and needs.

Quantitative research such as eye-tracking, Google Analytics, Hotjar and so on we can dive into what the users do online and how they do it. This gives a solid understanding of how they navigate. Whereas qualitative research can answer why they do it. We can do this by doing interviews, focus groups, workshops or think out loud test.

Close collaboration with the product team

Working closely together with the product team is crucial for the success of the research and strategy. The product team has specialized domain knowledge, and it is important that we dive deep into the domain and understand the organization, in order to create a strategy that's equally valuable for the company as for the users.

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