Do you know your users, how they think and behave – and why?

Many companies do not have a clear and shared picture of their users, which makes it difficult to create a simple and focused user experience design.

Usable Machine helps you learn about your users by doing interviews, user observations, focus groups and other types of qualitative research.

On the basis of this research we create a set of personas. A persona is a description of a typical user portrayed as a “real person” with name, age, interests, concerns, preferences and personal attributes. Personas help you achieve a user focus during your design and development process.

When the personas are done, they are prioritized, so we know which ones are primary and which ones are secondary.

For each personas we identify work tasks, typical workflows, use of current systems, frustrations and other relevant data. The most important workflows are analyzed together with domain experts, and as an end product we create a set of scenarios to describe ideal workflows in the new design.

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