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We're behind the international design conference Design Matters. The work we're doing with Design Matters helps us stay ahead of what's new in customers experience, entertainment, and tools.

Design Matters!

Each year, we gather more than 900 designers from all over the world for two days of design talks, workshops, and much more. This means that we're always ahead of what's going on in Digital design. At Design Matters, we always discover what's new in digital design.

Conceptualizing innovative products

Many companies are interested in developing their products with new technologies, so they don't fall behind and they still can compete in their field.

We're specialized in developing new innovative ideas for digital products. Also, we guide clients in the right direction and challenge them with new perspectives.

How do we test new technologies?

One of the biggest challenges with new technologies is that the users often don't know them. So, the question always is how do we validate that the design is right.

When testing new technologies prototypes are key, to gaining a deep understanding of the users' needs before spending a lot of time and effort building products. We often see that projects teams fall in love with a new technology, that seems brilliant, but when we test it with the users, they just don't get it. In these situations, we are experts in guiding companies in the right direction.

Designing these new innovative digital products is a fine balance between meeting the needs of the organization and prioritizing the users' need. As everything we do is centered around the users.

Close collaboration with the product team

Working together with the product team is crucial for the success of the product. The product team has specialized domain knowledge, and it is important that we dive deep into the domain and understand the organization, in order to create a product that's equally valuable for the company as for the users.

Designing these innovative products and concepts is a long process. It takes time to understand the users so detailed, that we can design the right functions and prioritize on their behalf. This also means that we always test our designs. We do this so we can be sure of what works and what doesn't. Thus, we always deliver a well-tested interactive prototype.

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