Content-rich websites

Making complex content websites user-friendly and mobile first

We're specialists in designing simple and mobile first user experience across content-rich and complex websites across different user groups.

The challenges content-rich websites meet

Any digital media, online shop or organization with lots of information is a content-rich website.
One of the reasons why these websites often get complex is the number of user groups. It is a tough job to balance and prioritize if you have several user groups, because how do you choose which one is the top priority?

Another challenge is that the company stall because they lose an overview of their content. In many organizations, the content is high quality, but the loose track of what is written and suddenly the site just grows in different directions.

Finally, one of the most commons challenges is that the users simply cannot find the product or specific content. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on conversion and bounce rates of the website.

Prioritizing and making compromises

We live in a digital world, where the users are constantly on their mobile phones. Thus, they expect to be able to access all kinds of content on mobile.

If you want a website that suits mobile first you need to make some tough decisions and prioritize your content. We help many organizations make these decisions, where we balance between meeting the needs of the organization and prioritizing the users' need.

Everything we do centers around the users, but we also have a strong focus on the business case, and how to make products grow to be successful.

Close collaboration with the product team

Working closely together with the product team is crucial for the success of the research and strategy. The product team has specialized domain knowledge, and it is important that we dive deep into the domain and understand the organization, in order to create a strategy that's equally valuable for the company as for the users.

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