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Website on electricity

We have made electricity prices easy to understand

Only few consumers can see through the current electricity prices and offers on electricity. Therefore, the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority has launched a new website that makes it easy for consumers to choose an electricity offer that suits them,

Usable Machine created the UX design for the website and conducted two usability test.

When choosing an electricity supplier one needs to understand many different things, including whether it is a fixed or a flexible price, charges for pipes, climate choices etc. This will make most consumers confused, so it is not surprising that so few are interested in this area - and that few choose a new electricity supplier.

The project was based on an analysis of how consumers think about electricity, what is important for them to know and what type of electricity prices they would like to see. We created an interactive prototype in close cooperation with the Energy Regulatory Authority. The prototype showed a new way to look at electricity prices, which were far more in line with the consumer understanding of the area.

The prototype was tested with end users during the design phase and again after implementation. After each test, the  usability problems were solved by adjusting the design.

The product was carried out in collaboration with Atkins.