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Time tracking app

Usable Machine redesigned the most central areas of TimeLog Project, an application for time tracking and project management.

TimeLog Project is a web application for time tracking, project and resource management, reporting, billing and much more. Usable Machine redesigned the most central areas of application.
The task was to create a user-friendly design, but also to create a design that is fun to use. This was a challenge in a domain like time tracking, which for most is a chore.

The project started with an analysis of the end users, where we identified the user types and their skills, workflows and needs. For this task we used personas and scenarios.

The design was visualized is in the form of an interactive prototype that demonstrated the design with rich interactivity and dynamic effects, so it was easy to imagine the final interface - and made it possible to test the design with end users in an early stage.

For each area we tested with different user types, for example consultants, CEOs, project managers and accountants. Each tests gave a clear indication of what works well and poorly in the design - and ensures the final design quality.