An app for you and your best friend

Tryg is a Danish insurance company, and together with the Danish Hunters Union, they needed help to conceptualize and design an app for dog owners, hunters and dog sitters. The result is called Tryg Pote.

A simple interface for advanced flows

The project started with an analysis of the end users, where we identified the user types and their skills, workflows, and needs. For this task, we used Personas and Scenarios.

The aim was to create a user-friendly design, that could handle some rather advanced user flows, which were different for each user type.

Dog owners should be able to manage all the dogs’ documents, sign up for dog training, and find a dog sitter. At the same time, the trainer should be able to create events in the calendar. Finally, the dog sitter should be able to be matched with a dog owner, and communicate with them though a messaging system. 

Mobile prototyping and usability test

The design was visualized is in the form of a mobile, interactive prototype that demonstrated the design with rich interactivity and dynamic effects, so it was easy to imagine the final interface – and made it possible to test the design with end users in an early stage.

For each user group we tested the flows and the UI design, and were able to correct all the usability issues, we found.

Finally, we did the graphic design for the app, giving the app a fresh and clean look, with a wide appeal.


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