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Traffic map redesign

We did a redesign of the Danish Road Directorate’s Traffic Map, making it more user friendly for private and professional drivers.

The Danish Road Directorate was developing a new version of their traffic map, and Usable Machine delivered a complete redesign, which made it more user-friendly for private and professional drivers.

The Road Directorate wanted a user-friendly and useful map comparable to services from companies such as Google and TomTom. The new map will be used by many types of users - from leisure drivers to taxi and truck drivers. Therefore, there were high demands for usability in this project.

Usable Machine had a user-centric approach to the project. We started with an analysis and segmentation of the end users using Personas and scenarios. Usable Machine involved a broad group of employees from the Danish Road Directorate, who participated in workshops and meetings - each contributing with their special knowledge.

Subsequently in the design phase, the new design was visualized in the form of wireframes, which we developed over a number design iterations where the Road Directorate participated in close cooperation. The wireframes were transformed into an interactive prototype that was tested by private and professional drivers, whereafter the design was completed for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.