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Tablet design for road workers

Usable Machine have created a new design for to maintain road data on tablets. is a system that collects and maintains road data for the Danish roads. A large part of the tasks in the system are performed at the actual road, where they for example approve or reject construction work.

We started out by doing a workshop with 14 participants from different Danish municipalities where we analyzed their typical work tasks. Based on this input we created a new design concept, with focus on usability and quick maintenance of road data.

The design process continued through a number of iterations in a smaller work group, where we continually validated the new design with different users, so it would fit the rather specific and complex workflows of the users.

We then tested the design on 8 users in a usability test and found out which ideas that worked - and which didn't.

At the end we created a visual design where we made sure to add the right amount of contrast, so the user easily can see it when using it outdoors. We also optimized it for standing use by creating a simple layout with large clickable areas.