Redesigning a charity and the donor experience

As a charity organization, Børns Vilkår mobilize donors and volunteers to improve children’s conditions in Denmark. They educate parents and professionals about everything from divorces to betrayal of children. Also, they manage three counseling centers called Børnetelefonen (Children’s phone), Forældretelefonen (Parent’s phone) and Fagtelefonen (Professional’s phone).

From ‘Circus look’ to a trustworthy organization

When we first met Børns Vilkår, they had one major challenge, and that was the identity of their brand. Basically, it was striped like a circus tent, which affected the user’s trust towards the organization.

Besides this, the donor experience was too complex and users didn’t finish the process. Lastly, the users had trouble finding the educational material for parents and professionals.

Eight different target groups with different needs

The design process started with a workshop with the team at Børns Vilkår. In this workshop we identified 8 target groups, each with their specific needs. We also outlined ideas for the new design and the donor experience.

After this, we began designing the new website, that was to be a lot more professional that users could trust. As a part of this, we used data analysis to improve the donor experience and increase the completion rate of the forms in general.

We developed an advanced prototype for mobile and desktop. Adding real content in the prototype enabled us to test on the 4 primary target groups: Donors, parents, volunteers, and professionals.

After the user tests, we worked on the graphic design in order to create a modern and professional visual design with an edge.

Flexibility is key

Børns Vilkår is an organization with changing campaigns and lots of new content. Therefore we aimed to create a website, that was very flexible and able to change according to the needs of the team.

The final result is a well-structured, modern and friendly website, that is easy to navigate and built from flexible building blocks.


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