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Metadata project for DR

DR is currently investigating how to improve the work processes for employees who deliver and tag video content for TV, web, apps and social media.

The project aims to create a consistent workflow across departments and professions in DR. The workflow should be quick and easy to learn for new employees and thus save time and money. At the same time, data quality should be improved, so the videos are easy to find and make use of all for DR's employees.

Usable Machine facilitated a user centered design process where we started with a series of workshops with the different user groups. The current work processes were identified and analyzed, and we identified problems and how the process could be improved. We then outlined a new process and how it could look like in the systems used.

Then we developed an interactive prototype in close cooperation with DR. It visualized a new system where videos could be uploaded, stored and tagged with metadata in the form of descriptions, cast, tags and so on. The prototype showed how a faster and more efficient workflow could be supported by a new system.

The prototype was tested on a number of users who all work with digital video production, afterwards adjusted so  the detected problems were solved and it was both intuitive and pleasant to use.