Understanding the future of the intranet

IntraNote is a software company specialized in intranet solutions and document sharing tools. 

What does the future intranet look like?

For a while, IntraNote has been focused on making the intranet into a more  social platform, introducing tools such as project rooms, comments, and likes.

IntraNote wanted to understand, how these new functions had been unfolded in their customer’s organizations. Also, they wanted to gain more insight into the user’s needs and how this could fuel the future development of their intranet solution.

Deep interviews and deep insights

We set up a line of in-depth interviews with end intranet users and editors from different companies. We wanted to dig deep into what concerned the users, what they dreamt about, and how their intranet really worked.

During the interviews, we learned about the respondent’s successes and  frustrations. But we also collected highly useful insights about collaboration tools, social features, and how to create user engagement. Insight, that IntraNote will use driving their product into the future.

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