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Drupal CMS for DR

Through an intensive user-centered process we have designed the user experience for a new CMS for DR’s journalists and editors.

Usable Machine has designed the user experience for a new CMS for DR.

DR is developing a new CMS for their online editors and journalists, and Usable Machine has led the design process with the goal of making it both user-friendly, intuitive and effective. The result is a combination of standard Drupal 7 design and custom-designed elements that fit the users' needs.

The project started with a series of user-focused workshops where we created personas and scenarios in collaboration with a team from DR, that consisted of both end-users, programmers and product managers. The personas helped us get to a clear and shared understanding of the different user types and their needs - from novices to heavy users - and the scenarios helped us understand their typical workflows in detail.

Both personas and scenarios were prioritized so we could focus the design on the most important user types and use cases.

After the user analysis phase, the design was created through an iterative process including sketching sessions with the DR team, wireframing and prototyping.

We also conducted a usability study with 12 potential end-users at DR that tested a clickable prototype. Through this we found out which features that worked well and which didn't. The prototype was then refined and completed and handed over to the development team.

After launch, we will evaluate the new CMS by doing observation studies with actual users using it for their real-life work tasks with a special focus on optimizing it for effectivity.