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Digital tools for the pharmaceutical industry

DLI MI provides market research and market data for the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and Scandinavia.

They distribute extensive data on sales, product distribution, pricing, market dynamics and statistics. DLI MI also has a variety of digital products that communicate and utilize this knowledge.

Usable Machine has delivered UX design for a number of DLI MI's digital products, including tools for sales and market surveillance and pricing of pharmaceutical products.

The process began with interviews with selected users, where we uncovered their workflows, work-related problems and wants. Subsequently, we developed wireframes and interactive prototypes in close cooperation with DLI MI, who contributed with their deep knowledge about the domain. The prototypes we could then test with users and get their validation of functionality, concept and design.

All in all, we have helped create some user-friendly and appealing solutions that meet user workflow and needs.

We have also made UX Design for in cooperation with Taws Digital.