Redesigning a powerful app for engineers

We did a redesign of DHI’s advanced application for Water Engineers, involving a range of users and domain experts.

The application helps engineers create simulations of water, used for avoiding flooding, planning coast development, dealing with weather changes, and much more.

The interface was in need for a new and modern look, and the usability was lacking. In close collaboration with DHI, we redesigned the application, and ended with a beautiful and simple new UI, that is easy to use and has a much shorter learning curve.

The process involved workshops with a group of end users and domain experts. This made sure we focused the right problems, were able to work towards the right vision, and had the necessary insights into the users and the domain along the way.

We spent a large amount of the project prototyping; coming up with various ideas for navigation, flows, problem-solving, visualization, and much more. The tool is extremely powerful, and the UI can quickly become complex, if you don’t have a clear idea of the end user’s purpose.

But through a number of iterative design rounds, we came up with a design that were both clean and intuitive, even for advanced features.

We tested the design with a global audience and made sure that all potential usability issues were dealt with before completing the project.

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