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Design for Newspaper system

We have been created a new design for a multi-platform content management system for newspapers.

Usable Machine has been working with Newscycle Solutions creating an intuitive user experience for newspapers.

The project started by analyzing existing users, their problems and needs. We created a set of personas, and prioritized them to get a clear user focus. For each persona we developed scenarios for their most important work tasks.

We then proceeded to developing the design for the different scenarios. The process was iterative and engaged the team from NEWSCYCLE Solutions. Finally we ended up with an interactive prototype showing the new design, that is both appealing and intuitive and does not require extensive training. We designed it responsive to support the users need to work from various platforms.

The result of the project is a completely new responsive application design, which is based on strategic decisions and a thorough user and workflow analysis, and is both attractive and user-friendly.