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Customer service for Topdanmark

We have designed a new system for Customer Service, Sales, and Insurance claims.

In collaboration with ProData we have helped Topdanmark, a Danish Insurance Company develop a new Customer Service system for the employees in Customer Service, Sales, and Insurance claims.

In the new system, the employees can get to a complete overview of each customer including their insurances, current and past insurance claims, payment history, communication, sales opportunities and much more.

The overview has been optimized for different user roles and workflows, while at the same time making sure that all employees gets the same view of each customer.

During the process we have worked closely with a large group of end users and developers. We have included them in several analysis and design workshops, getting domain-specific feedback from beginning to end. Additionally we did a usability test with another group of end users in order to identify any potential usability issues before completing the design.