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New design for Car dealer’s app

We have designed a new user experience for eBay’s service Bilinfo. The system makes it more intuitive for car dealers to find, compare and sell cars.

We have designed a completely new user experience for BilInfo, Denmark's leading app for car dealers.

We have designed a new way for car dealers to find, compare and sell cars, making it more intuitive and giving the car dealers a better overview of the sales process.

The project started with an analysis of the typical users of the applications and their needs, goals and pain points. We then proceeded with a throughout analysis of the typical workflows in the everyday lives of a car dealer. The different workflows were specified in further detail, exceptions and variations were identified and prioritized.

After the analyse the interaction design began and continued over a number of iterations, where the team continued to refine and improve on the design. This phase also including a usability test that was carried out before the interaction design was finalized.

In the end, we created a design that supported the different workflows and makes the application easy and intuitive to use.

BilInfo is Denmark's leading supplier of applications for car dealers. BilInfo is owned by eBay.