Business software

Designing simple products with a high degree of complexity

Heavy data and complex user flows are what we are specialized in. We have years of experience in designing complex software.

Designing for efficiency

Efficiency is key when designing these digital products. In order to create efficient tools, we need to get to know the users. They are often expert users, in the sense of being specialist in their field and not necessarily it experts. Our job is to gain a deep understanding of the expert users' workflows, so we are able to create value in their daily work.

Designing these complex products is a fine balance between communicating a huge amount of data, meeting the needs of the organization, and prioritizing the users' need. As everything we do is centered around the users.

Prioritize your content!

We always follow design principles such as simplicity, clarity, and prioritization of content. Prioritizing content is always one of the tougher design decisions, as we sometimes experience a clash between the organization KPI's and the users' needs.

Close collaboration with the product team

Working closely together with the product team is crucial for the success of the product. The product team has specialized domain knowledge, and it is important that we dive deep into the domain and understand the organization, in order to create a product that's equally valuable for the company as for the users.

Designing these complex tools is a long process. It takes time to understand the users so detailed, that we can design the right functions and prioritize on their behalf. This also means that we always test our designs. We do this so we can be sure of what works and what doesn't. Therefore, we always deliver a well tested interactive prototype.

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