Staying ahead of the game

Each year we gather the best designers in the world for Design Matters, a 2-day conference on New movements in Digital Design.

In 2018, 900 designers met in Copenhagen and shared trends, insights, methods and much more.


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We do wireframes, prototyping, user research, workshops, usability testing and UI design. In short, User Experience Design.


we are specialized in

Business software

We design tools, software, and apps for advanced domains with a focus on improved efficiency and user satisfaction

Content-rich websites

We transform the chaos of massive content into clean, meaningful, and easily accessible experiences for diverse user groups

New technologies

We design interfaces for robots and innovative new technologies, that hold the potential to change the future

Research and strategy

We use various user research methods to gain deep insights about users and products to solve problems and improve experiences

What we write about

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6 challenges when designing for work

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Prototypes for better collaboration

Through my job as a UX Designer, I have experienced that, we...

Designing for expert users

On most design projects the UX designer will tell the team not...
What's important to us?
Complex made simple

We are specialized in designing for advanced domains where we like transform complex UI's into smooth experiences.

Designing for Reality

Our work addresses real challenges and problems, and our design is realistic and ready to implement.

Customers = Teammates

We work closely with our clients to achieve the best quality of the design and a great sense of ownership in the product team.


We are a small team of dedicated UX designers. We like new challenges and non-trivial problems. We work closely with our clients.

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